191Dickson Point Road
Plattsburgh, N.Y. 12901
tel. (518)561-8086

Branching-Out is a small family business which specializes in Adirondack rustic furniture. All of our products are based on traditional Adirondack designs from the Great Camp Era of the past. Our Adirondack rustic furniture products include handcrafted indoor furniture, unique rustic lighting fixtures, mirrors, picture frames, wall racks, twig signs, and original Adirondack art creations.
Branching-Out specializes in furniture such as end tables, benches, coffee tables and sofa tables. Each piece of our Adirondack rustic furniture is individually designed and handcrafted utilizing birch legs, carefully selected fine wood tops and natural woodland accents such as acorns, pinecones, antlers and fungus. Every attempt is made to utilize wide one piece table tops with oak, cherry, maple, and pine being our most popular woods.
Our Adirondack rustic furniture designs also include unique birch wall lamps, snowshoe lamps, birch chandeliers (some with deer antlers), and table lamps. Our mirrors and picture frames come in a variety of standard and custom-made sizes. Birch covered frames, as well as naturally decorated designs are available. Branching-Out also specializes in twig signs which can be custom ordered to fit your needs.
Our family artist not only decorates our wood products, but has created a special array of decorative Adirondack accents and paintings which compliment the furniture we create.
Our Adirondack rustic furniture is individually hand crafted and can not be exactly duplicated. Since we are a small family operated business, and everything is unique in nature, we do not offer catalogs or brochures for selection purposes. Instead, we invite you to visit our web site gallery, contact us by email, or make arrangements to visit us.
At Branching-Out we take pride in the Adirondack rustic furniture that we produce. Special attention is given to detail, design, proportion, and strength so that each piece will be a family treasure enjoyed by many generations to come.